Gaiam Foldable Travel Mat

Wandering Yogi's Delight!


The Gaiam Foldable Travel Mat is perfect for the yogi suffering from wanderlust! It's 64" x 24" x 2mm and weighs about 2 pounds. It's constructed of natural tree rubber and it's scored design allows it to fold into a neat 10" x 12" square that will fit in pretty much any backpack, suitcase pocket or carry-on bag.  


The mat also arrives with a somewhat strong rubber smell which fade with usage and washing. This is a small side effect of it's all-natural rubber construction and non-toxic processing. It's closed cell design make it resistant to bacteria and mold growth and it's very easy to clean. Make your own mat cleaner with water, a few drops of natural dish soap and a drop or two of your essential oil to get your mat smelling fresh quick. Because it's pure rubber it is sticky right from the get go and there's no break in period to deal with.  It's easy to wipe clean with a cloth or sponge and it dries quickly.


This mat isn't really meant to be used directly on concrete or other hard surfaces.  Using it like this may be rough on the elbows and knees.  At 2mm thick it offers limited protection.  It does great outside on grass or on carpet and lays flatter without bunching than many other competing yoga mats.  A nice feature are the scored grid lines which act as a guideline for folding the mat.  These same lines are great for aligning your feet and hands to help you perfect your poses.


Like the Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Mat, the true beauty of this mat is putting it over rental or loaner mats while visiting a studio class away from home. That way you're not putting your nose directly on a mat that's carrying the ghastly scent of a thousand yogis past.  Using the mat this way provides additional cushion and grip, making it less likely to bunch or otherwise become deformed underfoot.  


You'll never have to be without a yoga mat with this little guy.  It's perfect for stashing in the truck of your car or keeping in your office for when you get a chance to sneak away for a quick yoga session.


Like other 100% natural rubber mats, this one is biodegradable, and you can't leave it in direct sunlight or it may become brittle and begin to break down.  It's also very important to completely dry it after a hot and sweaty class or after washing it.


Pros:  Gridlines help the mat to fold very flat, Very grippy, Made of Natural Rubber,  Biodegradable  


Cons:  A little thin to be used alone on hard surfaces, Smells stongly of rubber on arrival, Can't be left in direct sunlight, Some find the gridlines distracting or annoying.