The Jade Harmony Professional Mat

The Natural Choice For a Super Grippy Mat

The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is a all-around winner. It hits the sweet spot between grip, cushion and quality. The fact that it's made in the USA with 100% biodegradable natural rubber and Jade plants a tree for every mat sold means that you'll be practicing with good karma from day one!


Coming it at 68" x 23.6" x 3/16", it's a good sized mat but not insanely big or heavy to carry around. It features open-cell construction allows for slip-free practices out of the box, even during sweaty sessions.  It's 3/16 inch thickness and unique texture offers the perfect balance of traction and cushion.  The slightly squishy feel of this mat hugs and conforms to the hands and feet, providing stability and confidence in any pose.  Some yogis say that this mat is almost too sticky.  You can feel the stickiness even in savasana and some prefer to put a towel down first in these poses.  Also, though it's easy to clean, dust and especially pet hair are drawn to the open-cell technology of this mat.


Because of it's 100% natural tree rubber built, this mat isn't meant to last forever.  It will biodegrade over time.  Don't use this mat to practice outside for extended periods of time and don't leave it exposed to direct sunlight or heat as it's prone to dry which will lead to cracking.  Also be sure to air dry this mat thoroughly  after a sweaty practice or after cleaning to avoid the decomposition that is inherent to natural rubber.  


It's grippyness is reason enough to love this mat. Add in the array of available vibrant colors and the fact that Jade is a company run by just darned good people, you've got a mat that you can feel good about practicing yoga on, every.. single... day!


Pros:  Unsurpassed stickiness right out of the box, All natural ruber construction, Biodegradable, Available in a variety of feel-good colors, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold.  Available in 68 inch and 74 inch lengths.


Cons:  Can't be left in direct sunlight as the rubber will begin to break down, Some people are bothered by the strong rubber smell at first(this fades over time), Almost too sticky for some practitioners, Tends to attract dirt and pet hair slightly more than other mats.