Khataland YoFoMat Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

The Almost-Full-Sized Travel Mat

The Khalaland FoYoMat is good for the traveling yogi who wants a travel mat that packs down to a decent size but doesn't want to sacrifice much in the way of size or cushion.  The FoYoMat is 72" x 24" x 4mm and folds down into a rectangle 12" x 10" x 3" in size, about the same as a large book.  It even comes with it's own carrying case.  It's natural, eco-friendly construction is latex and phthalate free. It's not made of 100% natural rubber like many travel mats, so it is less likely to break down or biodegrade if left in the sun.


This mat is great as a stand-alone mat for commuters and travelers alike.  It's a little to big to fit in a purse or handbag, but should fit into a carry-on, suitcase or backpack with ease.  You can keep it folded up to use as a meditation cushion or sitting mat.  The included bag keeps the mat folded nicely so you don't have to worry about unraveling the mat as you jostle around your luggage at the airport. 


The FoYoMat has a special grid on which you fold it. It folds in such a way that the side that touches the floor never touches the side that touches your body.  This helps keep the top surface clean and sanitary.  The grid lines can be used to check alignment in poses so you can ensure that your feet and hands are right where they're supposed to be.


Available in several vibrant colors, this mat bridges the gap between travel mat and regular yoga mat.  It's longer and thicker than most travel mats but lighter and not as wide as most regular mats. The ideal usage for this mat would be for someone who wants to keep a mat at the office or someone who walks or bikes to the studio.  It's not for the ultralight traveler who needs to skimp on every ounce and every inch, though it will fit nicely into a larger carry-on or into a suitcase or large backpack.


Pros: Larger and thicker than most travel mats, Comes with carrying case, Available in several beautiful, vibrant colors, grid marks for folding and alignment


Cons: Isn't as compact or light as other yoga mats, Some don't like the permanent fold lines.