The Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

The Last Mat You'll Ever Buy

The Maduka Pro, at 1/4 inch thick and 7.5lbs is the sturdiest, heaviest and most cushioned mat around. It sticks to the floor like no other mat, offering unsurpassed stability in all poses. Made of environmental friendly PVC, it's long life-span ensures that it won't be taking a trip to the landfill any time soon unlike cheaper mats. It's lifetime guarantee is a testament to its durability and longevity. It's pricey, but it's a wise investment. This is the best yoga mat that money can buy.


This mat does need to be washed before using to remove the slightly slick coating that remains after the manufacturing process. I recommend making your own mat wash using a few drops of natural dish washing soap and a few drops of essential oils.  Spray your mat with the cleaner and use a green scrubby to clean the mat daily. Another suggestion is to sprinkle course sea salt on the mat and spray with a little water.  Use the salt to "exfoliate" the mat, removing the coating and factory smell in the process. In a few day the slick coating will be completely removed. As with most mats, this mat gets stickier as you use it more. The break-in time for this mat is longer than some, but it's worth it.  Once broken in , it's a breeze to wipe clean.


This mat is well padded, but firm, never squishy. It's suitable for pretty much any kind of surface: wood, carpet, grass, dirt and even concrete. You'll be surprised at how much better your jump-backs and dynamic movements become on this highly supportive surface. I would dare say that this mat makes you better at yoga. Sore knees and joints will appreciate the level of cushion in this mat, allowing you to settle and relax deeper into your poses. Savasana has never felt so nice; you won't want to get up! (I mean, who wants to get up out of savasana anyways, right?!) 


Owning a mat like this just makes you want to go to a yoga class.  It motivates and inspires with its heft and simple beauty.  It's available in a variety of colors, and Manduka often releases limited-edition colors to ensure you have a beautiful and unique mat.  It's truly a game-changer and the best mat out there, which is why your instructor probably uses one. 


Pros:  Lifetime Guarantee, Once broken in, it's very sticky, Thick, supportive cushion, Sturdy, Latex-free, Various colors available, Relatively Large Surface Area, Available in standard length (71 inches) and extra long (85 inches).


Cons:  Expensive, Takes awhile to break in, Heavy, Bulky (may not fit into all yoga bags), Not easy to travel with.